The Center regularly collaborates on presentations with partners and makes them publicly available. To download a presentation, click on the file.

Recent Presentations

Public Health Grand Rounds

Public health grand rounds provide a regular forum for discussion and communication on significant topics in public health research, policy and practice, and also serves as a platform for collaborations and networking. These seminars are collaboratively organized by the Department of Population Health SciencesCenter for Public Health Practice and Research, and Student Organizations: Public Health Association and American Mock World Health Organization.

Presentation Archive

* Current Civil Engineering Projects.pdf
Courtesy of Marc Edwards
* Water and Sanitation in Rural Virginia.pdf
Courtesy of Leigh-Anne Krometis
* Roanoke PATH Coalition.pdf
Courtesy of Liz Holbrook
* Dan River Partnership for a Healthy Community.pdf
Courtesy of Jennie Hill and Jamie Zoellner
* Virginia Health Chart Handbook.pptx
Steve Sedlock with the Virginia Network for Geospatial Health Research (VANGHR) displayed and provided a tutorial on using the Virginia Health Chart Book, which is an online resource for geospatial analysis of health and healthcare data in Virginia. This resource is publicly available and can be accessed at For more information about the Virginia Health Chart Book, the tutorial, and contact information, open the Virginia Health Chart Book presentation.
* VRHA and Rural Health Data.pptx
Beth O’Connor from the Virginia Rural Health Association (VRHA) described and discussed the Virginia Data Portal, an online resource for health data. This resource is publicly available and can be accessed at: For information about using the online resource and data that are available, open the VRHA and Rural Health Data presentation.


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